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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Conceptions of Democracy and Human Rights in the Democratic People's of Koreaby Kim Soo-Am; Kim, Soo-Am
2013Consideration of the Establishment of a New Government Policy toward North KoreaCho Han-Bum; Cho Han-Bum
2005Continuities and Changes in the Power Structure and the Role of Party Organizations under the Kim Jong-il's Reignby Hyeong-Jung Park Kyo-Duk Lee; Lee, Kyo-Duk
2006Cooperative Denuclearization of North Koreaby Seongwhun Cheon
2012Cost-Benefit Analysis of the South Korea-Japan General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA)Jae-Jeok Park; Jae-Jeok Park
2004CSCE/OSCE의 분석과 동북아안보협력에 주는 시사점손기웅 저
2012Deconstructing the NDC’s Open Questionnaire: New Leader, Same Old Propaganda ApproachKINU Pending Issues Task Force; KINU Pending Issues Task Force
2009Developing Inter-Korean Economic Relations for the Advancement of the Korean PeninsulaKang-Teag Lim, Kyuryoon Kim, Hyungsoo Zang, Hanbum Cho, Taeuk Choi; Cho, Hanbum; Choi, Taeuk; Kim, Kyuryoon; Lim, Kang-Teag; Zang, Hyungsoo
2006Developments and Future Challenges Regarding Inter-Korean RelationsYoung-Kyu Park; Park, Young-Kyu
2013Diplomatic Maneuverings after Choe Ryong-hae’s Visit to ChinaPark Hyeong-Jung; Park, Hyeong-Jung
2011Direction of North Korea Strategy after Kim Jong Il’s Death: Calmly Making Arrangements for the FuturePark Jong Chul; Park, Jong Chul
2011DMZ 총람: 개요, 정치·군사적 현황손기웅 저; 손기웅
2011DMZ 평화적 이용의 국가적 의미손기웅 외 공저; 강동완; 김경술; 김영봉; 문성묵; 박상현; 박영정; 손기웅; 원동욱
2013Easing International Concerns over a Unified Korea and Regional Benefits of Korean UnificationPark Jong-Chul, Ko Bong-Jun, Kim Sung-Jin, Park Young-Jun, Shin Sang Jin, Lee Seungjoo, Hwang Ki-Sik; Hwang, Ki-Sik.; Kim, Sung-Jin,; Ko, Bong-Jun; Lee, Seungjoo; Park, Jong-Chul; Park, Young-Jun; Shin, Sang Jin
2010East Asian Community Building: Issue Areas and Perspectives of Regional CountriesKyuryoon Kim, Zhe Jin, Mitsuhiro Mimura, Byung-Duck Hwnag, Han-Bum Cho, Young-Ho Park; Cho, Han-Bum; Hwnag, Byung-Duck; Kim, Kyuryoon; Mimura, Mitsuhiro; Park, Young-Ho
2013EC/EU사례분석을 통한 남북 및 동북아공동체 추진방안: EC기 분석을 중심으로손기웅, 정영태, 안지호, 김미자, 신종훈, 최진우, 허준영 공저; 김미자; 손기웅; 신종훈; 안지호; 정영태; 최진우; 허준영
2012EC/EU사례분석을 통한 남북 및 동북아공동체 추진방안: 유럽공동체 형성기를 중심으로손기웅, 김미자, 김유정, 노명환, 배규성, 신종훈, 전혜원, 정영태 공저; 김미자; 김유정; 노명환; 배규성; 손기웅; 신종훈; 전혜원; 정영태
2005Economic and Social Reform of Vietnam and its Lessons for North KoreaKorea Institute for National Unification; Korea Institute for National Unification
2008Economic Hardship and Regime Sustainability in North Koreaby Jae-Jean Suh
1993Economic problems of national unificationedited by the Research Institute for National Unification